Brake Upgrades

AMD has been at the forefront of brake conversions for the Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Seat cars since the begining. AMD has always been helping to supply the most effective and competitive products available.


Brembo are widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of brake systems in the World, it is hardly surprising that the majority of all performance and prestige car manufacturers choose to fit Brembo High Performance Brake Systems to their vehicles.



EBC brakes are world leaders in automotive brakes operating from its manufacturing base in the UK produces the largest range of disc brake pads and brake rotors in the world. We produce 100% of our own disc brake pads in our own factories in the UK.


Using a unique Aramid technology for disc pad manufacture employing high tech man made products such as Dupont Kevlar and Twaron the EBC brake product is years ahead of its competitors, most of whom manufacture using cheap steel fibre bases.