24h Rennen Nürburgring 2012

Performance Suspension & Chassis

The aim of AMD Performance Suspension is to create a noticeable improvement in the driving characteristics, together with the enhanced sporty look without sacrificing the ride and comfort too much.


AMD always takes the more mature approach and attitude when improving any area within the car. Lowering a vehicle’s centre of gravity as far as it is technically practical and not leaving you unable to use the car on a daily basis are just some of the thought processes used when putting these kits together.


All of the products selected for the conversions are tested by AMD to make sure they meet all of the criteria that is required to become a AMD product. All of the manufacturing partners who supply AMD with these products understand this ethos and aim to supply the correct products for the job. This in many cases will extend to creating a unique version just for AMD.


The expertise within AMD’s team includes full time trained chassis dynamist with the correct equipment to develop and test the products sold, specific projects and product development can be undertaken.